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Polymer Photogravure - My Workshops

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

Putting the training wheels on and facing my students down the hill to new experiences. They go timid at first, as if the creative police are present. We all move toward frustration and then exhilaration. In due time we arrive at the top of the next hill of information and practice. They are ready now to take off the training wheels and ride off to accomplish work in their perspective studio, rented space, basement or kitchen.

Workshop prep renews my own artistic practice. Collecting materials, making lists of resources, sorting samples, brings my first photogravure attempts into the present. Keeping those first attempts from years ago, informs me as to how I relate the process to students.

My students are artists looking to expand their creative tool box or collectors who want to understand a photo mechanical process. I would like the collectors/artists to understand the intensity of the individual decision making process. They may also experience the struggle in the process for progress and success while maintaining their creative freedom and excitement.

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